Streetwise New York songstress Lani Ford has lain her hard rock band Stark to rest and reemerged with a new sound, a new look and new songs that focus on her quiet side while retaining the intense personality that always shone through her music...Tania and the Revolutionaries take a dark acoustic approach rooted in folk, country/western and delta blues, a sound they aptly describe as “goth Americana.” Instead of loud guitars and thundering drums, Ford uses rhythmic melodies and gospel-like harmonies to tell her brutally honest tales of New York City life. Flutes, violas and jug-band percussion weave through the songs, adding whimsical fancy or morose drones as compliments to the tones set by the vocals...The Final Blow is an album for people who appreciate honesty in their music.. this is the real thing. It’s not always pleasant or pretty, but it’s the truth...” - Chuck Foster

The Big Takeover

Texan beauty, Lani Ford, serves up justice in her new soul searching cd The Final Blow--just as you think here is a pretty chanteuse with a guitar and a few close friends for support, she drives you crazy with her lyrics! What, you say? Lani Ford's no-holds barred approach to the long road to paradise is wrought with pitfalls and snares...not giving in to self pity, but more exploring the good, the bad, and the ugly, the fighting and the puking and all things not so pretty. But it is not only the lyrics it is also the musical accomplishments of her fellow travelers that creates a sound well worth listening to.” - Starr Tucker

New York Waste

“TANIA AND THE REVOLUTIONARIES - The Final Blow: This side project was put together by Lani Ford who invited a few friends to join her on this acoustic outing. What you have here is a pretty good album with thirteen tracks to enjoy. I'm not the biggest fan of acoustic music but there's a lot of feeling in all the songs that I usually don't find in acoustic music. It certainly shows Lani in a different light as I associate her with playing hard rock. Tracks the really caught my ear include 'Depression', 'Pity The Fool', 'Sleep A Wink' and 'Old Hard Life'. If you're after something which is easily listening and enjoyable at the same time then maybe you should 'The Final Blow' a listen!”” - Steve DIY

Street Voice UK