1. My Rosita

From the recording My Rosita

I wrote this while by the pool in L.A. listening to some foreign woman talk to her family in a language I didn't recognize.  I made her Spanish for the song because I had just returned from Nicaragua where one of my friends was falling in love with a new local every day.


Lani Ford
© 2011

The language on her lips was musical
The laughter in her eyes was so beautiful
The tattoo on her hip was unusual
And we fell in love all moonlight long
The polish on her toes was an emerald green
With her feet on the sand she danced like a dream
And even now every time I picture that scene
I wonder where in the world it all went wrong
I swear I tried to hold her
But she couldn’t care
I should have stopped and told her
But I didn’t dare
I was too scared to show her
In the nick of time
Now My Rosita’s disappeared
With the sunshine
It snows most every day here from fall to spring
I can't remember when I heard a little bird sing
I shudder every time I hear the telephone ring
But you can’t get a call from a memory
All this darkness makes me wonder if there is a sky
I took a chance so I guess I shouldn’t question why
My Rosita's gone away where the weather’s dry
And she can soak up all the rays meant for me
Her brown skin
Her long black hair
I hope Rosita’s out there
Being happy somewhere
I swear
I swear
(alt line) I was too scared to hold
and to make her mine
Repeat last line