Take some hard rock and mix it with a little punk...throw in a 70's influence to give it some flavor...serve it up raw. That's how I would describe the music of Stark. My first experience with them was "The Curse," which is still my favorite album from this band and the one I would suggest checking out first because, in my opinion, everything they do came together perfectly on this release. You know...every band has that "one" album that does it all and, for Stark...this is it. I probably get that feeling from this release due to the fact that it's their first album. If I were to compare Stark to...say...Motley Crue...this would be their "Too Fast For Love." It has that certain something that I can't quite put my finger on. It's magic. That's all there is to it. The next album, "Put It To Your Head," was a really good disc. It didn't have that "first album" feel...that's the only thing that was really missing for me. I think they got a little heavier on this release. I also think tunes like "Nothing's Wrong" and "Disturbed" could've been included on the first album and they wouldn't have seemed out of place. Stark has a new release called "Race To The Floor," which I have yet to hear. But, if it's anything like these first two, it's worth checking out. The thing with this band...I'll probably have nothing but praise for everything they ever do. My only hope is...well...I hope they don't stray too far from their original sound. They've got a great vibe going on...it's raw...it's dirty...it has a little bit of swagger to it. I think they're doing something unique here and, as long as they stick with it, we'll continue to be treated with some kick ass rock and roll. http://www.starknyc.comhttp://www.myspace.com/starkhttp://www.myspace.com/laniford” - Paul Autry


Ford is one of the most wickedly talented women in the music world. She is an excellent voice and she tears up on a bass guitar. Patrick Pfeiffer is her bass instructor, “has given me so much encouragement. He’s brilliant, like Jaco brilliant… and he was Adam Clayton’s (from U2) teacher.” It’s not often you see a female artist in such raw form. She’s not a diva, but she’d have every right to be. She’s not a pop star, but she could do it if she so chose to do. She’s just Lani Ford and she’s STARK.   ” - Christy Mannering

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Female fronted punk raunchiness gets right to the point with headfirst rocking, accented onslaughts and occasional jangle. Indie with attitude."-- Best of 2008 KKUP Radio” - Don Campau

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