Before heading to England for a short summer tour with STARK, the punk rock band for which she sings and plays bass, New York City singer-songwriter Lani Ford ventured to the left coast to play a few solo acoustic sets of mostly new material.  While Ford's work with her band is reminiscent of a more acerbic and perhaps spirited Chrissie Hynde, her rootsier acoustic material brings to mind the quirky artistic voice of Lucinda Williams...lyrically Ford's story songs are heartfelt and intriguing...And while her vocals aren't always pitch perfect, they have a strong quality and personality that brings out the emotion of her lyrics--it's that idiosyncrasy that sets her apart and makes her compelling.  If Ford's eyes aren't closed tight during a particularly intense moment of a song, they are likely rolling back in her head as if she's in a passionate troubadour's trance.  And it's not an affectation; unless she is an exceptional actress, the tears she shed during the mournful breakup song "Getting Along" showed just how seriously she takes her music and how deeply it affected her that night.  During her more cynical or caustic tunes, Ford chuckled and let out a "pffft" to further illustrate her disdain for her subject.  In between songs she was very communicative with the audience, which especially helped when trying to engage listeners and get new material to go over...Lani Ford is an extremely likable artist who has a distinct singing style and a passionate delivery.  Her songs obviously mean a great deal to her--a fact that comes across right away during her performance, and thus effectively hooks the audience right away.” - Dean Moore

Music Connection

If you live in the New York Metro area, you may have seen Lani Ford doing traffic reports on Fox 5 in the morning. Or perhaps you’ve heard her Saturday radio show on WPLJ. More likely, you’ve popped into Otto’s Shrunken Head for one of Frank Wood’s Wind Down Sundays and seen her behind the bar, pouring Pabst on tap – Yippee!!! Well, she plays music, too, mostly with her band, Stark. This CD is a recording of an intimate live acoustic performance at Fontana’s. Here, she takes her emotionally charged songs from Stark and strips them down to their barest, most naked essentials. Whether contemplating the city she calls home, as in “Somewhere,” or exposing herself to brutally honest self-examination, i.e., all the other songs, Lani delivers her songs with unrestrained passion, belting her ultra-personal lyrics with the bitter-sweetness of Chrissie Hynde. Think of it as the quiet, little sister to the Stark CD.” - Chuck Foster

LANI FORD-LIVE(MINI-CD)Another record with Lani Ford and it´s fun to hear her live too just to see if her music can handle itself in a liveperformance. Really OK must I say after this listening. Maybe nothing which sticks out but it´s OK music in the morning because it´s not needed so much than this. But somewhere her voice is better suited to tougher music even if this is OK.” - Peter Thorsson

— Skrutt website (Sweden)

LANI FORD-ACOUSTIC(CD)Lani Ford sings otherwise in the group Stark which I interviewed some weeks ago. She sent me this record plus a live-CD and a DVD with Stark…9 songs acoustic Lani Ford…how would that sound? She sings really good and plays guitar really good too. I can imagine that you who likes ususal singer/Songwriter music would like this really much too. She sounds a little bit desperate in some song and that suits her really fine…(SEVEN)” - Peter Thorsson

Skrutt website (Sweden)