1. Why Do I

From the recording Why Do I

A fella kept trying to tell me he was no longer with his girlfriend, yet I kept finding pictures of her.


Why Do I
Lani Ford © 2012

Too many doubts
so many questions
no answers
but I can live without you
you send me a message
I can't understand it
the photo of her
is blocking my view

        So why do I
        bother at all
        Why do I
        return your call
        I'm sinking deeper
        but I know that you'll keep her
        So why do I
        bother at all

You're so romantic
you tell me you love me
you make it seem
like you're saying the truth
but something is hiding
behind all your kisses
and I'm only listening
until I have proof


Get out of my brain
I will defeat you
I'd be insane
if I repeat you
repeat you