STARK - Race To The Floor: Stark has been one of my favourite rock acts to come of NYC in recent times. I believe this is their third album to date and they carry on in that fine tradition of putting out some very cool rock tunes. Out of all the albums Lani Ford and Co have released this is my favourite one by far. There seems to more emphasis on adding kick ass catchy tunes something that was missing on some of the songs on their previous releases. There's some great vocal delivery and bass playing from Lani Ford. I also dig the guitars from Joe Hogan. This man is a top guitarist. Just listen to how he drives them chords out of his instrument. Keeping it all in time is Eric Robel on drums and boy can this man beat them! Between the three of them they deliver some driving songs that even many 5 piece rock bands can't manage to do! Just listen to tracks such as 'On The Edge', 'Get It', 'What It Is' and 'End Of The Line and you'll realise you're listening to a very cool rock band. If you've not heard Stark before then this is a great place to start. 8.5/10  ” - Steve DIY

Street Voice UK

New York City's Stark are a three piece band that play high energy, straight-forward, hard rock music with a bit of punk edge to them. Their newly released third album is titled "Race To The Floor" and it features 9-songs and 31-minutes worth of music that is completely and utterly dripping with attitude and swagger. It is all pretty much your basic rock and roll, yet it all feels new, thanks in large part to this trio's enthusiasm and energy that is quite evident on each and every song. The high adrenalin opener, "On The Edge" kicks things off in a huge, energetic way. "Get It" is next and is one the best the CD has to offer. Just a fast paced, catchy number that features a pretty cool groove running throughout the whole song. These songs rock hard as can be heard on: "Getting Along", "Wasting Air", "Drunkaholic", "What It Is" and "Nightmares". The closing number, "Puttin' Out Your Fire" ends things on a high note and leaves the listener wanting more. "Race To The Floor" is chock full of powerful riffs, cool solos and the underrated vocals of Lani Ford. Just great and passionate performances all the way around from this power trio."Race To The Floor" is a gritty, riff-heavy rock record that never gives the listener a chance to come up for air until the last note is played. A very good effort from this NYC based band and a CD that comes highly recommended. It can be ordered via CD Baby.” - Tony Cannella

Femme Metal Webzine

STARK – Race To The Floor – takes the high road to hard rockin’ heaven. Stark’s gears are fully engaged on this fist pumpin’ trip. Joe Hogan and Eric Robel’s dynamite riffs & rhythm create a solid sound for Lani Ford to take on the world with new zest. Get it!” - Starr Tucker

New York Waste (Feb/Mar 2010)

STARK can pull off crazy without seeming insanely out of touch with their smashing pulses of music...Lani has made her presence known everywhere she goes whether in the physical or the digital realm. I have heard her stage appeal is outstanding, but for me my knowledge of her is purely through her sites and social networks. To say I am utterly impressed from only knowing the digital entity of STARK should be a compliment all on its own. What you’ll hear? Lani Ford has a strong voice. This is something you’ll probably hear in all reviews about STARK. But I think it’s key to also know the band offers a wide variety of rhythms. Perhaps their album doesn’t flow perfectly, but hitting shuffle never hurt anybody either. There are some smooth tracks, some crunchy tracks and some more classic sounding songs which maybe means STARK is still finding their niche, or perhaps it means they want to show their multifaceted musical sweetness. This band is on fire, practically radiating with edgy gorgeous tunes…if one could radiate such things.” - Christy Mannering

Vocalist and Bassist Lani Ford writes from the heart and has so much soul and strength in her music... Race to the Floor is a good CD and well worth buying. Stark are musically tight. This is their third full length release.. Joe Hogan wails on Guitar while Eric Robel holds his own on the drums.. Lani Ford kicks ass on bass with a voice that tells everyone just what time it is.. Of course my favorite track is "Drunkaholic".” - Ginger Coyote

Punk Globe Magazine

STARK: RACE TO THE FLOOR NYC female-fronted trio Stark unleashes a pretense-free slab of snarling yet simple rock directly from the gut on their latest nine-track excursion RACE TO THE FLOOR. Crammed with a gaggle of foundation-shaking riffs (“End of the Line”) and the gritty no nonsense Joan Jett meets Pat Benatar-esque vocal presence of Lani Ford leading the entire affair (“What It Is”), this release is anchored with an unabashed rock ‘n roll spirit (“Get It”) that so many modern bands lack today. Stark resurrects the punk rock attitude the Big Apple used to own with their own spin, injecting a slew of muscular hard rock elements (“Drunkaholic”) and a loud and proud DIY aesthetic that rounds out this unit’s punchy and infectious four on the floor stomp.” - Mike SOS

Gears of Rock

After impressing on these shores back in 2008, Big Apple threesome Stark return to make another biting attack on the UK rock scene in July, touting some fresh cuts from this second album.  Leading the charge is vocalist/bassist Lani Ford, who showcases a grit-flecked growl in the tough-girl mould of Joan Jett and Bianca Butthole on a clutch of relentlessly paced opening numbers.   No one trick ponies, she and her band soon switch pace.  On the slow-builder of 'Wasting Air' (the closest they get to a ballad) guitarist Joe Hogan channels the gratuitous grinding riffs of fellow NY girl/boy group Slunt.  Then 'Drunkaholic's ode to over indulgence introduces a touch of Nashville Pussy's down home decadence, a slight southern twang that's reprised in more mellow closers 'Nightmares' and 'End of the Line'.  Check 'em out on your free CD!” - Alison B.

— Bubblegum Slut Zine

This American trio fronted by Lani Ford, you can see pics from her wedding in her page. The group from NY is pushing their 3rd album and will appeal to all who like their music hard. Dont ask for further explanation of their style. They draw influences from many sources, time eras and styles. The album is 1/2 hour long without being something singular. It sounds live, wild with plenty of cool familiar vocal stylings (funny they use the word "maggia", see you are a MAGGES!). Their style doesnt have much commercial success but doesnt mean its bad. Not the circulation that will drive you crazy but if you heard them you'd ask why not? I hope they will continue to play more often. Του αμερικανικού τρίο φαίνεται να ηγείται η τραγουδίστρια και μπασίστρια Lani Ford, φωτογραφίες από το γάμο της οποίας μπορείτε να δείτε στην προσωπική της ιστοσελίδα. Το σχήμα από τη Νέα Υόρκη κυκλοφορεί την τρίτη του δουλειά και προσδοκεί στην προσοχή όσων τρέφουν μια συμπάθεια για το αμερικανικό hard. Μη ζητήσετε κάποια πιο λεπτομερή περιγραφή του ύφους τους, φέρουν επιρροές από πολλά πράγματα, διαφόρων εποχών και ειδών. Το άλμπουμ τους διαρκεί μισή ώρα και χωρίς να είναι κάτι το μοναδικό, δε γίνεται αντιπαθητικό. Ακούγεται ζωηρό, αλήτικο, με αρκετή μαγκιά από μέρους της ερμηνεύτριας και μελωδίες στηριγμένες στα φωνητικά της. Ο ήχος του δεν έχει τύχει πολλής περιποίησης, χωρίς αυτό να σημαίνει ότι είναι κακός. Δεν είναι η κυκλοφορία που θα σας ξετρελάνει, αλλά αν τύχαινε και τους ακούγατε, θα ρωτούσατε περί τίνος πρόκειται. Αν πάντως θέλουν να ελπίζουν σε διακρίσεις, αξίζει να δουλέψουν λίγο περισσότερο.” - George Politopoulos (Translated by Chuck Metaxas)

Flight of Pegasus

With a new lineup and some of their best songs yet, Stark’s third release proves that they are a powerhouse unit of the NYC underground rock scene. Joe Hogan from Roarfiend is the new guitarist, adding an extra-heavy flavor to the songs, and new drummer Eric Robel beats with the wallop needed to match Hogan’s riffage. At the center, of course, is bassist/vocalist Lani Ford and, as usual, her songs are intimate, personal statements that most people wouldn’t have the courage to air in public. This release seems especially bitter, the lyrics coming across as the inner thoughts of someone in an extremely unhappy relationship, but the honesty and frankness is a breath of fresh air in a scene full of poseurs and scenesters. Stark is the real thing.”

Big Takeover Magazine

New York City hard rock trio Stark return in 2010 with their meatiest record to date, Race To The Floor. Vocalist Lani Ford leads the band through a highly energetic and dynamic collection of songs with Joe Hogan shredding away on guitar and Eric Robel beating the skins. We reviewed Stark's sophomore album, Put It In Your Head in 2008, and the progress from that record is notable. With Race To The Floor, Stark sticks to their 1970's rock roots but adds more punch and fire to their sound.Race To The Floor kicks off with "Stark", a driving rocker about walking the edge of sanity. Built on a powerful hook and memorable chorus, Stark certainly raises the bar early. "Get It" is a driven, post-punk brush off song. Knowingly or otherwise, Stark invokes and old Danny Kaye routine "Get it? Got It. Good!" in what may turn out to be an anthem for ladies night in New York City (and beyond). Ford and company pay sonic tribute to Kin Deal and The Breeders with "Getting Along", contrasting Ford's urgent vocal style with the melodic guitar work of Joe Hogan..."Wasting Air" is a song of heartbreak that transforms into an angry romp. Musically the song is solid,.. Ford is angry, frightened and reckless on the unsettled "Drunkaholic", once again walking along the edge and stumbling into dangerous ground. Stark takes a middling path for a few songs but closes strongly with "Puttin' Out Your Fire", an angry kiss of song that's a lot of fun...Stark is a very solid outfit (guitarist Joe Hogan is exceptional). Lani Ford is a personality with a powerful voice who can own the stage...Stark and Ford...offer up a solid album in Race To The Floor. Stark, however, remains one of those bands where you don't get the full experience unless they are on stage.” - Wildy Haskell

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