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Lani Ford: Lani Ford Bio

Often called the crazy Texan from New York, Lani Ford is a singer/songwriter from Texas who led the hard rock trio STARK on bass and vocals for over 8 years in NYC. They toured Europe and the U.S. and released three albums. Lani then recorded several demos, some of which became an album with guest appearances by several friends. That turned into the gypsy cowpunk band Tania & The Revolutionaries. They just released their second album, an EP entitled Walk Away Clean. Lani continues to write, co-write, tour and play music and is currently working on songs for her solo album to be released in 2014. Thanks for all your support now, in the past and in the future!

Praise for Lani Ford

"Alternating between the sneering confidence of Chrissie Hynde and the mournful soul of Patsy Cline, [Lani Ford] weaves a tale of loneliness, heartbreaks and one-night-stands like the jukebox Country in a desert highway dive. Somehow Lani has mustered the courage to reveal her innermost self, a rare trait within the egotistical realm of Rock'N'Roll. More power to her."

Chuck Foster - Big Takeover Magazine, Spring 2007

"Lani Ford puts a tough chick slant on a voice in the midground between Ann Wilson and Annie Lenox. Spouting brash, often R-rated poetry while pounding out bass lines…Not merely punk, alt, classic or metal, but possessing elements of all of them, this is pure rock with some interesting twists."

Mark Waterbury - Music Morsels

"Ford has a naturally pretty voice – one that can handle a ballad quite easily."

Dan MacIntosh - Indie-Music.com

"Ford is one of the most wickedly talented women in the music world. She is an excellent voice and she tears up on a bass guitar. She’s not a diva, but she’d have every right to be. She’s not a pop star, but she could do it if she so chose to do. She’s just Lani Ford and she’s STARK."

Christy Mannering - Scrink Blog Website (Aug 24, 2010)

"Female fronted punk raunchiness gets right to the point with headfirst rocking, accented onslaughts and occasional jangle. Indie with attitude."-- Best of 2008 KKUP Radio

Don Campau - No Pigeonhole Podcast (Jan 6, 2009)

"Vocalist and Bassist Lani Ford writes from the heart and has so much soul and strength in her music... [she] kicks ass on bass with a voice that tells everyone just what time it is."

Ginger Coyote - Punk Globe Magazine (May 1, 2010)

"Lani Ford is an extremely likable artist who has a distinct singing style and a passionate delivery. Her songs obviously mean a great deal to her--a fact that comes across right away during her performance, and thus effectively hooks the audience right away."

Dean Moore - Music Connection (Aug 31, 2010)

"Beneath the harsh exterior ‘Put It To Your Head’ has a heart of golden melody, in core blues and country inspired songs which if anything cut deepest with their sneaking attack of sly hooks and poetic sensibilities."

Alison B - Bubblegum Slutzine (UK) March 2008 and Devolution Magazine (UK) June 2008

"It’s great to read Lani’s lyrics too—even if you don’t like the music I’m sure you’ll love how she writes."

Steve DIY - Street Voice UK June 2008, Put It To Your Head review

"Lani delivers her songs with unrestrained passion, belting her ultra-personal lyrics with the bitter-sweetness of Chrissie Hynde."

Chuck Foster - www.secondflightstudio.com

"[Lani Ford's vocals] result in an indie slice of life piece that would could raise the jealousy of Liz Phair. Vocally Ford has a clean, strong, and melodic alto with a slight vibrato that can draw you in as well as soar over you. Lyrically she is a straight shooter with an onus for tell-all honesty with little subtext that resonates simultaneously as both tough and tender."

Aaron Simms - Aaron Simms Rock Blog (May 17, 2009)

"Stark's third release proves that they are a powerhouse unit of the NYC underground rock scene. At the center, of course, is bassist/vocalist Lani Ford and, as usual, her songs are intimate, personal statements that most people wouldn’t have the courage to air in public."

Big Takeover Magazine (Oct 31, 2010)

Tania & The Revolutionaries